Civilized and Inclusive:
Policies and Politics for Humans

With special emphasis on:

Clean Agriculture
Renewable Energy Infrastructure
Non-Military/Interventionist Foreign Policy


Bob Watson

2736 Lannon Hill Rd.
Decorah, IA 52101




Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Title
Chapter 2 - Emphasis and Assumptions
Chapter 3 - Deconstruction, or, Three Ways to Read This Book
Chapter 4 - Programs and Policies
Chapter 5 - Programs and Policies: Expanded Text
Chapter 6 - Public Writings: Agricultural
Chapter 7 - Public Writings: War, Military, Patriotism
Chapter 8 - Public Writings: Death Penalty
Chapter 9 - Public Writings: Land Use
Chapter 10 - Public Writings: Legalize Drugs
Chapter 11 - Public Writings: Poverty, Social Welfare
Appendix A: Stone/Watson CAFO
Appendix B: Op-Ed Pieces
Appendix C: Other Work
Appendix D: Watershed Approach to Floods
Appendix E: Unintended Consequences of CAFOs
Appendix F: Links
Appendix G: Conservation Band-Aids or Real Watershed Changes
Appendix H: Five Pillars Powerpoint
Appendix I: Studies-Based Unintended Consequences presentation

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